Dating apps all have their fans and adversaries. On the one hand, they take the taboo out of the equation, but on the other hand they turn the entire process of meeting new people into an algorithmic game of chance. So let us ask ourselves: do they really offer the best solution?

The time where online dating was something to feel uncomfortable with, has long passed. Many available dating apps have shattered this taboo and replaced it with the idea that finding love is simply a matter of viewing enough profiles. What may look like an appealing thought to many, in practice forms a challenge that needs an enormous input of time, effort and energy. Trudging through countless algorithms that are not only opaque, but also forget to incorporate the human aspect and take away every bit of discretion.

The abundance of choice that dating apps seem to promise their user a swift beginning to their newfound love lives. Scientific research has found, however, that the reverse is true. It is a strange paradox: a wealth of options makes it that much more difficult to make the right choice. Every possible partner’s personality – particularly important in the quest for a good match – disappears to the background, dismissed by numerical conjecture. Choice is important in life, but too many options lead to paralysis and indecision.

For someone with a busy, professional life, lots of meetings and plenty of responsibility at work, too many dating profiles to go through pose a logistical problem: they take away the time and attention needed to work on a successful life and career. This is where a professional matchmaker proves his worth: guidance through the different stages of a relationship, starting at the beginning, and leading up to a stable relationship.

Berkeley International provides a personal, discrete approach that takes the time to really get to know the people involved. Personalities are mapped and linked to one another, based on both the private matchmaker’s experience and an individual approach. This guarantees that one does not need to pierce through the veil of algorithms himself, but rather gets in touch with the right people from the very start. Because what you see, is not always what you get.