For many thriving people and families, private bankers and personal trainers are normal, everyday commodities. They offer personalised advice, support and motivate their clients, and they do it in an atmosphere of absolute trust. In the great cities of this world, New York, Paris, London, the private matchmaker has won his rightful place as well. With tailored advice and the necessary discretion, he is quickly becoming an important factor in the search for a meaningful life.

In Belgium, however, there remains a certain scepticism towards the private matchmaker. Especially men with undeniable life experience, say starting from age 55, feel uncomfortable in partnering up with a relationship specialist. For the men of this generation, there still exists some mistrust when it comes down to talking about feelings and intimacy, which is why they do not easily accept help in finding love. And that is truly a pity.

Life experience and the experience of a private matchmaker

They have nothing to lose and everything to win in a partnership with Berkeley International. More than anyone, they have the best chances of obtaining a meaningful and worthwhile relationship with an active, intelligent, experienced woman: they are free from the pressure of a demanding, growing career or a budding family, with life experience in abundance. Love doesn’t know age, it knows experience.

Berkeley International positions itself on the most exclusive side of the dating spectrum, both in and outside the Belgian borders. As private matchmakers, we closely follow up on our clients, combining tailor-made advice with discretion and professionalism in finding the perfect partner. We understand the specificities of a successful professional life and the visibility that comes with it, as well as the complexity of finding a durable relationship that leads to a happy life in perfect harmony.

Gentlemen, you succeeded in life because of your dedication, hard work and your ability to make the right decision. Let Berkeley International be your next great decision. Berkeley will meet you personally, discreetly and professionally.