We hope you feel rejuvenated and ready to embark on a new adventure, such as… your quest for the right partner. Here at the Belgian office of Berkeley International, we see an expanded interest in our personalized services, as disillusioned online daters often choose to replace computer algorithms with human judgment and … come to us.

Our clients need to get away from the detached nature of internet dating and enjoy a face to face service specifically tailored to them. Far from the dehumanized mode of numerous online apps where you swipe right or left, we care.

In traditional matchmaking as we do it there is no browsing through a plethora of photos, no countless online chats or getting attracted to exaggerated profiles.  With your best interests in mind we help you pinpoint the right ones without wasting time or causing heartache. Every day, we match people based on values, compatibility and interests, age and phases of life, professional status and lastly, looks.  The core of our job is human interaction and personalized attention.

We stand side by side with you along the whole year of encounters, we advise you, coach you, provide you with constructive feedback, rejoice with you when you embark on a new love adventure.